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    Augmented Media    
  How good are annotated videos at improving shared understanding? We test annotated videos as the medium for passing the bubble in an interrupted game: a new player resumes the game after attending an annotated video.  More    


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    Collaborative Environments    
  We are currently conducting research on team collaboration in hopes of gaining a better understanding of how we can enhance collaborative environments to increase effectiveness.   More     > Collab Env Home
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    Context Aware Office    
  What are some of the ways we can use the power of the digital world to enhance the way we work with paper in a way that understands how people actually work?   More     > Home
> Ethnographic Studies
> Personal Metadata
  We examine the cognitive basis of successful multimedia designs. We will be interested in what makes an interactive system effective: what makes images easy to understand, animations clear and helpful, and why some sequences of text, images, and sounds make more sense than others.   More
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    Information Architecture    
  In designing large scale information spaces, such as are currently found in corporate intranets or large scale knowledge management systems, the biggest challenge is to discover a set of organizing principles that is at once powerful enough to assign all content a meaningful location and yet simple enough for users to understand. More     > Info Arch Home
> Classification
> Cultural Biases on the Web
    Previous Projects    
  Previous projects in the lab focussed on: cognition in tetris, particularly as this showed epistemic actions; interactive stategies in a variety of natural contexts such as counting coins, playing scrabble, working with children's blocks. Controlled experiments were performed on differences between animation and static images; and another study examined the way people interactively do library searches. More     > Previous Projects Home
> Animation
> Cooperative Strategies
> Interactive Strategies in Counting Coins
> Library Agent
> Modeling Tetris Cognition