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A 199 at the Interactive Cognition Lab offers undergraduates a unique opportunity to carry out serious research on a surprisingly wide range of topics.
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Current Openings

Context Aware Office

In preparation for designing an office of the future where people can collaborate at a distance, we are testing whether there is an empirically meaningful distinction between office dwellers who are scruffy and those who are neat. We are placing video cameras in several offices and analyzing the results using ethnographic methods and standard statistics. We are looking for certain phenomena: trashing strategies, tidying up strategies, methods for handling interruptions, the coordinative structures they use - day planner, calendar, etc, when do they use these, and how.

Not available Winter 2005

Contact Professor David Kirsh @ 858.822.2475

Advanced Web Programming: Interactive Learning Environments

1. ASP, ASP.NET, JSP programmers. We are improving our elearning environment, which drives 187A, B, 25, 87 and courses by other faculty at UCSD and elsewhere. The system is currently written in asp and sql and we are reimplementing it in asp.net or jsp. There are several positions open for skilled asp or java programmers who want to learn asp.net or better yet who already have these skills. In asp we will be adding new functionality to the system by building additional wizards for helping faculty import or create lectures, and so on. 199 students will learn how to design wizards that are user friendly and nicely hide complexity. More on this project...

2. Advanced Flash Programmers. We need help developing a new course on usability and interface design. The 199 jobs we have open are for advanced Flash programmers who can create simulations of familiar devices like microwaves, VCR's, Ipod's, and so on. We have tools and libraries to help create these simulations but we need Flash programmers to make specific simulations. More on this project...
Contact Professor David Kirsh @ 858.822.2475

Interface Analysis  
We are performing usability evaluations as part of a more inclusive project of analyzing the interface of small devices such as camcorders, cell phones, microwaves, Ipods, VCR's and so on. We video subjects carrying out normal tasks with each device, we then performing analyses by creating state spaces and tracking user activity through these state spaces.
Activity Analysis of Distributed collaboration
We are studying how small groups collaborate using advanced video conferencing tools when they are geographically apart. This project is ideal for students interested in distributed cognition, ethnography and analysis of activity. Students will help create new methods of visualizing activity through video capture and other techniques. This will include analyzing the interaction of people and technology in various collaborative settings.
Contact Professor David Kirsh or Bryan Clemons @ 858.822.2475
Experts of StarCraft Help Analyze How Players Transfer Knowledge
We are studyiing how people pass their understanding and awareness of complex situations. To test how people 'pass the bubble' we are desiogning an experiment in which experts of StarCraft have to pick up a game that another expert has been playing for 25 mins. We need StarCraft experts who can play the game and analyze the way other experts pass their knowledge More on this project...
Contact Bryan Clemons@ 858.822.2475
Java Progammer on Video reviewing tool
Java programmers are wanted to work on a team of programmers and GUI designers who are developing a complex media review tool that allows users to control and annotated multiple Quicktime movies.
Contact Professor David Kirsh @ 858.822.2475