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Introduction to Web Programming

This course is an introduction to several web programming languages and their real world applications. Concepts and programming languages covered include: document structure (XHTML), formal layout (CSS), interactivity (JavaScript), and structure of content (XML). Students learn how to organize and present information on the World Wide Web. More
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Designing Environments

We are looking at the diverse way people interact and move through their environments and to look for design guidance that can help us build a better lab environment, work environment, study environment, games environment, and educational environment. We want to explore the diversity of environment spaces that are created for people to live in, work in, find information in, and play in. We want to investigate ways that we can bridge the digital and physical divide by embedding digital objects into our everyday environments. More
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Multimedia Design Theory

This class consists of lectures and labs designed to work together to introduce the student to the dynamic field of web design and information architecture. The lectures will present and examine key issues that thoughtful designers need to understand to improve user experience. Initial help on HTML programming will be available during lab sessions, but overall the course is setup to help students find the programming tutorials and help they need on the web. More
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Multimedia Design in the Real World

In this course, students learn the process of creating a professional website for a real client. Each of the steps that professional web designers take in the process of creating a website are learned here, such as writing the creative brief, storyboarding, and putting out the final product. Along with learning the website creation steps, students will learn the theory behind creating each of these deliverables. The lecture topics encompass the areas of Site Design, Task Analysis, Theory behind Hypertext and Interactiviy, and Usability. More