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Video in Sync

  Keywords: Digital Ethnography, Annotation, Analyzing User Studies, Pseudo-scrubbing, Transcribing  
  Video in Sync
Using Video in Sync to review and analyze 4 user screens simultaneously.

Video in Sync is an in-house tool that was created to aid ethnographic analysis. Using Microsoft Media Player controls under the .NET framework, it approximately synchronizes the playback of up to four streams at the same time. Each stream can be shifted on a master time access. This offset changing is necessary, as we did not have any means to start each of the four recordings at the exact same time. It is also capable of lightweight annotation by marking beginning and ending times for phenomenon and sending such results to Excel. Finally, it is able to perform pseudo-scrubbing to allow the transcriber to scan and preview in real-time (as Microsoft permits) entire videos.

You may download and use for academic purposes this tool. It requires a modern version of Windows, Windows Media Player 9, and the .NET framework.

Software Demo

Video in Sync Demo

Watch a demo highlighting the features of Video in Sync

27.7MB AVI (PC)
44.6MB MOV (MAC)
9.3MB MP4 (MAC)



  Project Team  
Aaron Zinman