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Virtual Wall

  Keywords: Virtual, Digital Supports, Collaborative Workspace, Persistent State, Coordination  
  Virtual Wall
Enhancing Collaboration across physical distances.

The success in creating an effective wall projected venue depends on combining appropriate digital tools and supports with the physical layout of tables, chairs, wall screens and laptops to maximize the:

  Effective collaborative work area of the participants
    1. size, and position of screens of laptops and tables
    2. physical closeness of participants in same venue
    3. what each participant should be able to see of the other’s activity
  Minimize clutter and temporary loss of key items
    1. distribution of work materials between laptop and physical table
  The usable persistent state created by individuals and sub groups
    1. what resources should be present for the different sub groups (post’its, forms, electronic forms, coordinating structures, whiteboards
  Enhance coordination between participants


More abstractly environments have to be designed with the right set of digital and physical supports to:

  Encourage opportunistic noticing of relevant information on other screens
  Facilitate recovery of state from interruptions
  Minimize errors
  Facilitate discovery and then recovery of errors
  Facilitate managing mutual attention


In the following, we discuss our approach to this problem and report on initial guidelines for the physical layout of these environments. Naturally, the specific dimensions and layout of any collaborative space will depend on the available resources and the tasks the users of such spaces are going to be performing. To create more general guidelines means appealing to basic principles and also to offering a methodology for assessing the requirements of the particular team using the venue. Accordingly, this document has three parts:

  1. Basic design considerations – principles for enhancing collaborative effectiveness
  2. Specific physical constraints and design advice
  3. Methodology for assessing the task specific collaborative needs of a team



Video Demo

Virtual Wall Demo

Watch a clip of how the Virtual Wall enriches everday activity in the ICLab.

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72.6MB MOV (MAC)
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