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What is a 199?
199's in the ICLAB have genuine Responsibility in a Collaborative Environment.
Student Research at the ICLAB

The ICLAB encourages undergraduates and staff to work collaboratively in our research environment. Every quarter we have between 10-15 199's, 198's, 190's, visitors, as well as student employees.

What We Expect

Being a 199 in the ICLAB means you will be responsible for 10 hours of work per week. You will be assigned to work on the project of your choice and collaborate with others in the lab.

If you've been a 199 before, this will probably be a different experience. You won't do grunt work here - you may find yourself redesigning a major UCSD or cognitive science department web site, or discovering exciting phenomenon while researching projects funded by the National Science Foundation or the Office of Naval Research.

Many of our 199 positions turn into paid student jobs and even full time positions. Several of our former students have successfully gone on to related work in industry.

For more information check out Lab Orientation and Lab Rules.