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Lab Orientation
Working in the Lab
Lab Access
Please send an e-mail to David Kirsh or Ron Stanonik and ask them to get you a door code.
Computer Accounts and Access
Contact Byran, Ron or David and ask them to create an active directory account. Upon this request you will be e-mailed your account information including your user name and password. You will need to change your password the first time you login to the computers.
File Storage in Active Directory

Saving files | Accessing files


Saving Files on ICLAB Computers
"My Documents" (as seen below) is the only private area to store your personal documents in active directory. Store all your personal smaller sized files (less than 50MB) in My Documents. Video's and other larger files are stored on "Jasmine" on the "media" drive in the appropriate folder.

Don't store files on your desktop. Your active directory desktop remains the same no matter which computer you sign into. If you have too many files on your desktop, errors start occuring in the file system and you won't be able to log in.

If you want to store information publically, follow the instructions below.


How do I get access to the files I saved?

Besides being able to navigate to your files using the guidelines for “My documents” above, you can manually locate these files as well. The instructions in the picture above help you create a short cut to these files. Follow the instructions below.

You should be able to access all your saved files through your \\wired\users\cogsci-"your name" When you access your cosci-you name account you should have a "My Documents" folder inside along with any other ones you create. The example file above (cogsci-bryan) has two subfolders: 1) “My Documents” and 2) "bryan." So Bryan can access any files from the account while everyone else can only access the "bryan" folder.


Multimedia Resources

Digital Cameras: we have on hand 3 Canon power shot A20 and 1 power shot A50. Use new-wired or Jasmine to upload your pictures. USB cable is all ready hooked up to new-wired and you only have to connect the cable to the camera. The software will automatically detect the Camera after

Digital Camcorders: If you have any questions ask Bryan.

Dazzle DVD Creation Station: If you have any qustions ask Thomas.

DVD burner: This is an external DVD burner with both USB 2.0 and fire wire friendly. Its hooked up to "Jasmine."

Printers: The lab is equipped with two printers, the HP LaserJet4050N and a color HP DeskJet. The LaserJet is a black and white printer and is accessible from all the computers. Color printing is local to the computer named “NILGIRI.’

Scanners: The lab is equipped with two scanners, a one Touch 8650 and an Epson 1240. The one touch scanner has a feeder that makes scanning paper documents easier for bigger jobs. The one touch is connected to “new-wired” and the Epson 1240 is connected to “Nilgiri.".

The Computers

General Workstations: "Oolong", "New-Wired", "Nilgiri", and "MacCaffeine."

Multimedia Machines: "Pekoe" and "Jasmine"

Servers: "Adrenaline" is the main lab server and that runs the various ICL websites. All sites have to be approved by David before going on live on adrenaline. "Keemun" is our staging server and is available to test websites before they are uploaded to adrenaline. "Epinephrine" is ICLAB's backup machine. "Wired" is the active directory server.

ICLAB Layout