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University of California San Diego

UCSD Department of Cognitive Science

San Diego Supercomputer Center

Distributed Cognition and HCI Lab


France Telecom

  Human Computer Interaction
Carnegie Mellon HCII

Cornell HCI Group

Georgia Tech HCI

Maryland University HCI Lab

MIT Media Lab
  • Affective Computing
  • Context Aware Computing
  • Future of Learning Group
  • Interactive Experience Group
  • Responsive Environments Group
  • Sociable Media Group
  • Tangible Media Group


Stanford HCI
  • Center for the Study of Language and Information
  • Interactivity Lab
  • Learning, Design, and Technology
  • Media X
  • Persuasive Technology Lab

UC Berkeley GUIR

Virginia Tech HCI

  Cognitive Science

Brown Cognitive and Linguistic Science

Cognitive Science Society

UC Berkeley Cognitive Science

UPenn Cognitive Science


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HCI Bibliography

Yahoo Human Computer Interaction

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